Autopsy & Embalming Stations

1036-9 Stainless Steel Embalming Station


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    • All stainless steel construction.
    • Large sink basin.
    • Hot and cold water mixing faucet mounted on top deck with high spout for use with your embalming machine.
    • Internally plumbed and wired requiring only a single point connection for water and power.
    • GFCI duplex receptacle with waterproof cover.
    • Deluxe aspirator with reverse flow for additional waste removal: "reverse flow" feature instantly relieves suction clogging by providing reverse pressure of water.
    • Cold water spray hose assembly with spray nozzle.
    • Access panel.
    • Wall mount (standard) or floor mount available.
    • Splash guard cover for sink basin.
    • .75 hp waste disposal unit.
    • Exhaust vent to connect to building ventilation system.
    • Eyewash assembly.
    • Perimeter sink rinse assembly.
    • Hot and cold water mixing faucet.
    • Hot and cold water spray hose assembly with spray nozzle.
    • See images for available options, typical dimensions, and additional accessories.
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