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Autopsy Carrier with Scale


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    • Designed for use with our T3614 and T3615 stainless steel cadaver trays.
    • Excellent means of transporting and weighing your case.
    • A battery operated, digital indicator to display weight is included.
    • Cadaver lift accessible.
    • 1.5 in./3 cm. square, .12 in. tubing thickness, 304 stainless steel vertical end rails.
    • Stainless steel has a grained finish and all welds match adjoining surfaces.
    • Permanent slope of 1.5 in./3 cm.
    • 8 in./20 cm. casters all with brake mechanisms.
    • Easy push button controls (Hold/Print, Units, Tare, On/Off/Zero).
    • Units of measure - lb., kg., lb./oz.
    • System includes 4 PB loadcells.
    • FULL FCC compliance, UL/CUL power adapter, CE, WEEE directive.

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