Body Transporters & Trays

C-Arm Lateral Access Autopsy Carrier


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    • Designed specifically for use with c-arm style x-ray machines.
    • Laterally open frame construction allows the c-arm clear travel nearly the entire length of the carrier.
    • The carrier accommodates our x-ray type autopsy tray, allowing the case to remain on one tray for both the x-ray and autopsy procedures.
    • Fabricated from 2in/3cm x 3in/7cm, .12 tubing thickness, 304 stainless steel tubing.
    • Top tray holder fabricated from 1in./2cm. stainless steel tubing.
    • Stainless steel has a grained finish and all welds match adjoining surfaces.
    • 6in/15cm casters all with brake mechanisms.
    • Designed with a permanent slope of 2in/5cm.
    • Cadaver lift accessible.
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