Cadaver Handling & Storage

Hydraulic Cadaver Lift Fully Powered System


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    • Battery operated hydraulic lift providing both propulsion and lift.
    • Eliminates the stress and strain of lifting and transporting heavy loads.
    • Simple hand control provides variable forward and reverse speeds.
    • Variable speed, steerable power drive system allows a single user to easily control forward and reverse movement of stacker.
    • Spring loaded mechanism automatically compensates for uneven floors ensuring drive wheels maintain constant contact with floor.
    • Simple to use finger-tip controls are built into steering handle.
    • 180 degree hinged design allows precision steering in confined spaces.
    • Red emergency stop button.
    • Automatic emergency safety switch instantly reverses direction if control post comes in contact with obstacle.
    • Two maintenance-free sealed batteries provide plenty of power for propulsion and lift.
    • All other specifications are the same as equivalent power lift-only models.
    • Front and side rolling caster for all directional moving.
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