Autopsy Saw - Series 5000

Developed to help minimize the risk of cross infection in sensitive areas. Featuring a well balanced cutting head weighing just 1300g and is ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue.
Hand piece is hermetically sealed and watertight. Enclosed motor cannot become contaminated and can be fully immersed for cleaning without any danger to the user, allowing disinfection and appropriate sterilization without dismantling. All external materials are non-corrosive.

  • Single press on/off Operation
  • Efficient 13,200 Oscillation per minute cycle
  • Watertight to IP67 rating
  • Operates on safe 40 Volts
  • Flexible silicon hood for improved visibility
  • Easy blade rotation and fixation
  • Reduced overloading via electronic current limiting, device double pole fused
  • Also available in 230V (Optional)
  • Portable unit and filtration system also available

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