Necropsy Stations

Multi-user Backdraft/Downdraft Station


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    • Type 304 stainless steel construction.
    • Heliarc-welded seams and joints, ground and polished to match adjoining surfaces.
    • Backdraft/downdraft exhaust provided to each work area.
    • Wall mount, island mount, singular and multi user.
    • Configure number of stations per your requirements.
    • Handicap accessible.
    • (2) or (4) Hinged access doors.
    • (2) or (4) 18 ga/68 L stainless steel perforated work surface panels. Recessed to prevent fluids escaping.
    • (2) or (4) GFCI duplex receptacles with waterproof covers.
    • Units are sized per customer requirements.
    • CO2 valves/vacuum valves/compressed air valves.
    • Type 316 stainless steel.
    • Spray hose with braided hose.
    • Surgical light fixure.
    • Reticulating arm fluorescent light with magnifier.
    • Reticulating arm examination light with magnifier.
    • Flex arm incandescent light with magnifier.
    • Removable measuring rule.
    • Magnetic instrument holder.
    • Safety Splash Shield.
    • Digital platform scale, 4 lbs./2 kg. capacity, economy or premium grades available.
    • Polyethylene cutting boards.
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