Surgical Light SL - 10000

  • This aesthetically appealing surgical light offers incredibly pure, white light along with a guaranteed no-drift arm, high-intensity setting and variable spot size control. The SL10000 offers intensity of up to 60,000 lux (5574 fc) at one(1) meter. This surgical light is the spotlight of choice.

    • Up to 13,000 footcandles (140,000 Lux) at 24in/61cm and 5000 footcandles (54,000 Lux) at 3ft/1m.
    • Up to color temperature of 4300° K.
    • Variable spot size of 2-10in/5-25cm.
    • Low-voltage 150 watt halogen bulb with 400 hour life.
    • Drift-free, self-balancing arm with friction knob.
    • UL listed/IEC 60601-2-41, CSA certified-mounting systems meet California seismic codes.
    • 120V model standard; 230 / 240V models also available (please inquire).
    • Five year warranty.

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