Walk-in Refrigeration Systems

Walk-In Storage - Capacity: 8-10


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    • Walk-in Mortuary Coolers and Freezers provide the best solution for most cadaver storage needs. They can be custom sized to your available space and can be fitted with various types of cadaver racks to suit the smallest to largest of facilities.
    • Units can be fabricated with a variety of metal finishes, door types, alarm systems, refrigeration controls and dehumidifier systems. Provide us with your available space, cadaver storage requirements and budget. We will provide a solution which meets your criteria.
    • Designed with prefabricated modular, precision formed, metal clad insulated panels to facilitate easy assembly and disassembly for relocation and expansion and easy to adjust temperature controller.
    • Prefabricated modular panel construction.
    • All panels have a tongue-in-groove, inter-locking design, with N.S.F.
      approved edge gaskets, resulting in an airtight structure.
    • Steel cam-action locking devices.
    • Polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation.
    • Insulated floor panels.
    • Infitting flush or overlap style doors.
    • Fluorescent vapor-proof light fixture.
    • Doors: Hinged, sliding doors, single slide and bi-parting, manual and electric, insulated door options available.
    • Door Closer: Rack and pinion type door closer with hold open feature.
    • Kickplates: Aluminum diamond tread (min .080) or stainless steel kickplates, if required, are to be 36” high x width of door, interior and exterior of each entry door.
    • View Window: Standard sizes are 14” x 14” and 14” x 24” triple pane glass; non-heated for coolers and with heated frame and heated glass for freezers.
    • Vinyl Strip Curtain: Vinyl strip curtains can be provided for each walk-in door to maximize operating efficiency by reducing air infiltration. Vinyl strips overlap a minimum 2” with adjacent strips and door jamb.
    • Air Curtain: Factory assembled black or white powdered coating, or stainless steel casing; complete with tangential fan wheel, uniform velocity across the entire length of the discharge area and micro-switch.
    • Temperature Alarm: Audible/visual, high/low temperature alarm & monitor with power failure alarm (weekend battery backup with built in recharging circuitry); digital temperature display.

Click here to view or download this item in our online catalog!

Click here to view or download this item in our online catalog!