P.O. Box 0819-08829
Parque Lefevre, Ave. Ernesto T.
Lefevre, No. 16

Alpha Mediq S.A. has been a Panamanian distribution company specializing in providing medical supplies, consumables, and equipment to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and government institutions since 1999. Included in their vast experience, Alpha Mediq have supplied varying types of facilities including those specializing in cardiology, cardiovascular, critical care, laboratory, anesthesiology, urology, and surgery.

Each specialty is specifically catered to by their professional staff who receive ongoing training to provide the most accurate advice and support to their customers. They are committed to directing all their efforts to provide quality products and reliability through market leading brands by helping to improve the quality of life of their patients and their families.

We are committed to our customers to direct all our efforts to provide quality products and reliability...
Neveras y Elevador
Morgue de La Chorrera
Complejo Hospitalario
Morgue Aguadulce
Hospital Santa Fe
Morgue de La Chorrera

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