Costa Rica
Enhmed Mejoramos la Salud
Barrio Escalante, de la iglesia Santa Teresita
400 metros al este y 25 metros al norte
San Jose, Costa Rica

Initially the medical division of Electronic Engineering, Enhmed was established in 2001 after being acquired by Manrique Odio, an employee of EE. Mr. Odio always felt that the medical division had a lot of potential due to the fact that Costa Rica annually invests 30% of its budget on health and R&D programs and 10% on agricultural programs.

One of the key things done after acquisition was to establish the company name. Enhmed, which stands forENHancing MEDicine, arose. It started with just five people. Today, Enhmed has thirty focused employees specializing in laboratory, dental and agricultural industries.

ENHMED stands for ENHancing MEDicine
Hospital de Liberia
Hospital Monseñor Sanabria
Escuela de Medicina Veterinaria
Facultad Medicina
Enhmed's core values:
  • Employ excellent sales and service personnel.
  • Maintain close relationships with the best manufacturers.
  • Ensure those manufacturers produce some of the top products in the world.
  • Serve their highly valued customers.

Enhmed is engaged in the business of enhancing the health, well-being, and development of people through the selling of dental, laboratory and agro-industrial equipment including lab consumables destined for research, investigation, manufacturing and quality control purposes. They are committed to both public and private markets.

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