Molded Plastic Carrier Chassis Tray


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    • Fabricated of hi-tech molded, fire retardant plastic.
    • Shaped to fit the subframe of the carrier chassis.
    • X-rays can be taken without the removal of the cadaver from the autopsy table.
    • Includes drain plug to prevent fluid loss in transport or while racking and stored.
    • Detachable plastic top ensures a secure fit with no mechanical fastening devices required.
    • Top of platform is formed with ribs to promote drainage to the gutters.
    • Reinforced bottom structure enables easy mobility from rack to chassis through use of a cadaver lift.
    • Drain adapter assembly M764 with lab stopper 5.5.
    • Drain hose with hose clamp (sold in foot increments).
    • Laboratory stopper #9 for use without adapter.
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