Surgical Light - SLA50

  • The SLA50 provides both amazing illumination, unparalleled aesthetics and many more features that make it the right light for any procedure. With a 96 rating in Color Rendering Index (CRI), 45,000 Lux at 36in/91cm, and a color temperature of 3100° Kelvin, the SLA50 enhances your vision by allowing a true rendition of colors. This light is ideal for long hours of use with three cool 50-watt quartz halogen bulbs (each) rated with a 2000/hour average bulb life.

    • Large and adjustable light pattern: Multiple reflectors can be tilted by rotating the sterilizable light handle to adjust the size and pattern of the light.
    • Light pattern is free of cast shadows.
    • Unique y-shaped design facilitates placement of the lighthead around the physician's head minimizing the obstruction of light into the surgical field.
    • Color temperature of 3100° K accents the color of tissue, providing a true restitution of color within the working area.
    • Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 96 provides a True Color Representation.
    • Unlimited rotation and maximum reach provided by a limitless arm and mounting system.
    • Arm system provides a maximum reach of 60in/152cm and diameter of 10ft/3m.
    • Illuminate the patient from head to toe with no drift.
    • 5-year warranty.

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