Postmortem Laboratory Equipment And Mortuary Walk-in Coolers

Mortech Manufacturing specializes in high-quality American-made autopsy, embalming, necropsy, anatomy, and pathology stainless steel equipment, including body boxes and mortuary walk-in refrigeration systems.

Made-To-Order Stainless
Steel Manufacturer

Proudly Made
In The USA

Building Custom Labs
For Over 35 Years

Two Body Rotating Dissection Table

Specifically designed for use in anatomy labs looking to improve facility space and high student traffic.


Morgue Surge Solutions

Ready Response Systems provide facilities with innovative solutions to manage morgue capacity surges and maintain a safe work environment. Whether you need durable, long-term solutions or quick-deploy products for emergencies, the Ready Response Systems can help you prepare.

Autopsy, Embalming, Necropsy, Anatomy, Pathology And Mortuary Equipment

Mortech Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015-certified company with NSF certification. We comply with all Leed Green, UL, and CE standards. 


ISO 9001:2015

Mortuary Walk-In
Coolers And Freezers

Mortech specialize in walk-in refrigeration systems for healthcare institutions, medical research laboratories, universities, coroners and medical examiner offices, government agencies, and funeral homes.

Laboratory Dissection Instruments And Mortuary Supplies

Mortech provides high quality lab dissection instruments, prep room tools, mortuary supplies to the pathology, histology, necropsy, autopsy and mortuary industries.

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Powered Air
Purifying Respirators

Mortech is proud to now offer the MAXAIR CAPR® Series: The No-Hose PAPR from Bio-Medical Devices International. In laboratories and autopsy suites working with agents that have a known potential for aerosol as well as contact transmission, additional protection may be provided by personal protective equipment such as the MAXAIR CAPR Systems.