Necropsy Stations

1036-250SP Self-Propelled Hydraulic Necropsy Table


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    • Table is designed for use as a large animal necropsy table.
    • All heavy gauge stainless steel construction.
    • Inner frame support is fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel tubing.
    • The tabletop and inner frame support are attached to an electrically powered hydraulic scissor lift.
    • Accordion style bellows surround the scissor lift allowing for complete wash down of the unit.
    • Designed to handle a centralized load up to 5000 lbs/ 2267 kg and an offset load up to 2500 lbs/ 1113 kg.
    • Easy to use up/down elevation control. Variable speed control - forward/reverse. 180° turning radius.
    • Built in 24V charger and D/C battery.Butterfly switches for forward & reverse.
    • Push buttons for raising and lowering of forks.
    • Built in horn.
    • Electro-mechanical brake system.
    • Drainage slot along side or end, with optional small sink with strainer.
    • (2) Rear spring loaded stabilizing casters and (2) ridged casters located in front.
    • See image for available options, typical dimensions, and additional accessories.
    • When planning an order, we will assist you in selecting options to complete your system.
    • Options based on available space.
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