Pathology Grossing Stations

Formalin Cube Holder Econo



    • Plastic shell to house a standard, 5 gallon formalin cube.
    • Equipped with sensors complete with audible to alert the user of hidden leaks.
    • Ideal for use in operating and labor/delivery rooms, ambulatory surgery, histology/pathology, clinical/research, college/university, morgue/autopsy laboratories and suites.
    • Main cabinet can contain a spill up to 5 gallons.
    • Filling tray can contain a spill up to 1/2 liter.
    • Built in alarm notifies personnel of any spills.
    • Filling tray holds up to 40lbs. with no risk of tipping.
    • Non-slip rubber mat on bottom.
    • Internal sliding shelf for easy positioning cube for pouring and storage.
    • Simple and easy to use.
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