Equip your workspace with the most innovative and easy-to-use Powered Air-Purifying Respirator available. No fit testing. No N95 masks.

No-Hose PAPR
NIOSH Approved
Light weight & Quiet
Fog Free Vision Shield

Stethoscope Use

100% Splash Protection

Mortech is proud to now offer the MAXAIR CAPR® Series: The No-Hose PAPR from Bio-Medical Devices International. In laboratories and autopsy suites working with agents that have a known potential for aerosol as well as contact transmission, additional protection may be provided by personal protective equipment such as the MAXAIR CAPR Systems.
The MAXAIR CAPR highly integrated design eliminates the conventional PAPR reliance on cumbersome air tubes and bulky, belt mounted blower units. When compared to conventional PAPRs and N95 respirator masks, the lightweight MAXAIR Helmets, with their positive pressure air flow and unique safety LEDs, standout as a superior method of personal respiratory protection.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to provide quotes for MaxAir outside of the Pathology, Autopsy, Mortuary, Medical Examiner/Coroner and Anatomy Lab markets in North America. For further information or to obtain a quote, please contact them directly at maxair-systems.com.

Cuff System Configuration

Cuff System Configuration for facilities/laboratories that only need full face protection.
Included components:
    • CAPR Helmet
    • Li-Ion Battery
    • Battery Belt
    • Battery Charger
• Integrated helmet, no-hose (breathe tube) design
• 170° Field of View


Comfortable Liners

Secure lock Ratchet Knob for Head Circumference adjustments
Elevation slots for Head Height to Helmet adjustments
Front Comfort Strip and Rear Comfort Pad

Integrated Blower

Eliminates need for Breathing Hose
Nothing to get caught, snagged, hooked
No need for expensive disposable covers
No need for extra decontamition

Helmet Mounted Filters/Cartridges

Eliminates need for bulky Belt-Mounted Filter Components
No restriction on maneuverability
Easy Don/Doff - no helper required

How much airflow am I getting?

The default factory setting is on Low which provides 6-7 cfm of airflow. The user can adjust the airflow switch, located at the
posterior of the helmet, between Low (6-7 cfm), Medium (7-8 cfm), and High (8-9 cfm). This adjustment allows the user to match
the air flow for widely varying work environments and activity levels.


Particulate Filter Cartridge

Particulate Filter Cartridge
Longer Lasting - Large Surface Area
XP Filtration
Snapon, Snapoff
Secure - Hard Cover Protected
Safe -Visual ID through FCC (Filter Cover Cap)

N-OV Filter Cartridge

Nuisance Organic Vapor Filter Cartridge
Longer Lasting - Large Surface Area
XP Filtration

*Shorter Battery Life :
• Not for use with Standard Li-Ion Battery,
• 6-7 Hrs life with Extended Li-Ion Battery
Snapon, Snapoff
Secure - Hard Cover Protected
Safe -Visual ID through FCC (Filter Cover Cap)

How often does the filter need to be changed?

It depends upon the application, the enviornment where used, the frequency and duration of use, and the orgnaization’s protocol
for the prevention of cross contamination.
In addition, due to its self-monitoring system, the yellow LED will illuminate when airflow intake nears the threshold of 6 cfm (170
lpm), allowing the user ample time to exit the working environment, and change out a heavily loaded filter.
Otherwise, filter change-out a minimum of every six-to-twelve months is recommended.


Standard Li-Ion Battery

Particulate Filter Cartridge
Longer Lasting - Large Surface Area
XP Filtration
Snapon, Snapoff
Secure - Hard Cover Protected
Safe -Visual ID through FCC (Filter Cover Cap)

Extended Li-Ion Battery

• Charge: 12-15 Hrs/Charge.
• Longer lasting - no memory effect.
• Usable with the N-OV Filter Cartridge 6-7 Hours (2166-10).

MAXAIR Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Not a problem! Contact the Mortech Team today to learn more about the MAXAIR CAPR systems. Give us a call at 800-410-0100

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What is the noise level of the system?

MAXAIR’S noise level specifications are lower than conventional PAPRs; the average decibel level is typically below 62 db.

Are there different Classes of MAXAIR PAPRs?

Currently there are four MAXAIR Systems to choose from that are the basis for the many different MAXAIR CAPR Outfits. Each system consists of a Helmet, a Battery, a Battery Belt, and a Charger.
The Helmet choices include –
    • 2081-03 for non-Hard Hat Outfits
    • 2084-03 for use with PR Hoods
    • 2083-03 for all Hard Hat Outfits
The Battery choices include –
    • 2500-36TSC, typically 8-10 hours/full charge
    • 2500-37TSC, typically 12-15 hours/full charge
  • The Belt is the 2000-76
  • The charger is the 2600-02.
To configure a complete MAXAIR Outfit, a choice of Head and Face Cover and NOTED mandatory peripherals must be included with the chosen System. (More graphical descriptions of the many different full Outfit options are provided on the MAXAIR website, maxair-systems.com.)

Are all MAXAIR Systems NIOSH approved?

Yes, the NIOSH approval numbers for the different configurations are listed in the table below.
NIOSH Approvals - View Certified Equipment.  

Do I need to be fit tested?

No. The MaxAir System is a positive pressure, loose fitting powered air purifying respirator that supplies 6 to 9 cubic feet per minute of airflow. OSHA does not require fit testing for positive pressure, loose fitting PAPRs.

Can one MAXAIR System accommodate multiple users?

Yes. After cleaning and disinfecting your MaxAir and replacing the comfort strips and single-use face covers, the MaxAir is ready for the next user.

Can I wear this system if I have a beard and/or wear glasses?

Yes. all configurations fit users with facial hair, that wear glasses, and nearly all head sizes and shapes. No additional attachments are needed.