Mortuary Rack with Adjustable Tier Heights


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        • Ideal for a variety of cadaver storage applications.
        • More compact than conventional cantilever storage units, allowing for greater storage capacity without increasing space.
        • Designed to be easily loaded and unloaded by a single person with our various roller pallet assemblies which fasten to any of our cadaver lifts.
        • Fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel.
        • Modular style rack. Panels disassemble to facilitate transport.
        • Adjustable height rollers.
        • Roller assemblies mounted in each bay make loading and unloading the cadaver tray easy.
        • Adjustable floor mountable feet.
        • Designed for use with our stainless steel T3626 cadaver trays.
        • Custom height and bay width per customer requirements
        • Available for 23, 27 & 30 in. trays
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