Multi-Level Mortuary Cot


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    • Designed to enable a single person to perform retrieval. Special release levers make it possible to raise and lower the cot without assuming the full weight of the cot and body.
    • Compatible with high floor vehicles. The legs unfold and lock automatically during unloading, and refold again promptly when loaded into any vehicle.
    • Multi-level feature allows the body to be moved from bed to cot.
    • Wide enough to accommodate a portable stretcher.
    • Acts as a highly maneuverable, two-wheeled stretcher when the undercarriage is folded and locked.
    • (1) model 372 1" burgundy mattress.
    • (2) model 430 burgundy, 5' two-piece quick release restraint straps.
    • Built in stair guides that reduce wear on the cot and promote smooth movement down stairs.
    • See image for available accessories.
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